Pepper Creek Birdwalk, 10 February 2024

Over 2 dozen birders of all levels of experience, both Florida residents and travelers, young and old, enjoyed a cool then warm morning on the Pepper Creek Trail for bird watching.  Twenty eight species of wintering and year-round resident birds were found, including a pair of mating Red-shouldered Hawks.  A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker tried but failed to elude us near the Visitor Center.  A N. Mockingbird sang loudly and continuously at the parking lot.  A visiting birder from New England snagged a “life bird” with good views of a Carolina Chickadee (she’s seen plenty of Black-capped Chickadees).  Several Ruby-crowned Kinglets gave us all “warbler neck” before the Black-and-White Warbler even showed up!  A small group of Wood Stork and the resident pairs of Wood Duck rounded out our tour at Creek’s end.  The following link will take you to  photos by Bob Ross in addition to those shown here (!Ah59rKtHKmutgsZAUOlIVVZi50W89g) and Joyce Lewis posted the complete list of species on eBird.  Thanks to Elaine Roche for leading this CCAS field trip monthly.
Text and photos by Bob Ross

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