Homosassa State Wildlife Park Field Trip, 9 March 2024

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Ten birders including two knowledgeable teenagers joined leaders Elaine Roche, Joyce Lewis, and Bob Ross for a steamy jaunt along the Pepper Creek Trail at the Homosassa SWP on 9 March 2024.  Two dozen species of birds, half a dozen fewer than a month ago, strangely enough, were found.  But right off the bat the resident red-shouldered hawk put on a performance as last time.  This time he attacked a great blue heron that, out of his normal foraging habitat, landed in a tall tree against the wishes of the hawk, who was probably defending his nest from the opportunisitc heron.  Other birds of note included Carolina chickadees, a ruby-crowned kinglet, a few parula warblers, who are now streaming north through our county in migration, and the faithful 5 wood ducks on the creek at the end of the trail.  A gorgeous giant swallowtail butterfly was also captured in photos by Bob.  See Joyce’s eBird report (www.eBird.org) for a complete list of birds found on the outing.
​Text and photos by Bob Ross.

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