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Guided field trips are held 15-20 times a year, usually September through April. They are typically day trips to local birding trails in Citrus County or surrounding areas. Occasionally, a two-day trip is offered to a birding hot spot in another part of the state. All levels of birders and nature photographers from amateur to advanced take part in these outdoor activities.

Recommended tools for field trip participants:

Global tools for birders, critical data for science

  • Record the birds you see
  • Keep track of your bird lists
  • Explore dynamic maps and graphs
  • Share your sightings and join the eBird
  • Contribute to science and conservation

Tools and Data for Butterfly Enthusiasts

  • Track your butterfly sightings and locations
  • Organize, store and share your photos
  • Find butterflies you have never seen
  • Explore dynamic range maps
  • Share your sightings with others
  • Contribute to science and conservation